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$29 New Patient Special

Inch-Loss, Contouring

Fat Blaster Treatment

A New Targeted Inch Loss & Skin Tightening Procedure That Is Painless, Immediate, and Effective!

Our Fat Blaster Treatment Is Unlike Anything

You’ve Experienced Before...

Now You Can Shrink Those Stubborn Areas That Resist Diet and Exercise! Our revolutionary machine combines three amazing technologies to achieve inch loss, skin tightening, and skin smoothing. 

UltraSonics: This technology removes fat cells deposits through a painless Ultrasound Cavitation procedure using a proven sound wave system. The Ultrasound waves cause a disruption of the membrane of the fat cell.

Therma-Lift: Also known as the, "Non-Surgical Face Lift," this procedure offers a natural looking skin tightening and collagen building solution for face and body through the power of Radio Frequency. During treatment, the RF waves penetrate the skin to tighten it from the inside out as they stimulate collagen production which will result in tighter, more supple skin. It can be used on the entire body.

Lipo Sculpt Lite: Our machine harnesses the energy of Laser Technology to shrink targeted fat cell deposits in all areas of the body, including areas too sensitive for ultrasound. The Lipo Lite emits low levels of laser energy, which triggers a chemical signal in the fat cells to release fatty acids and glycerol. Exercise after the procedure is required to metabolize the free fatty acids for better results. 

Non-Invasive | Painless | Results That Last

Our Clients Are Raving About Their Results!

Patients See Results After Their Very First Session!



✓ Regain a Vibrant Youthful Appearance

✓ Address Sagging & Loose Skin Anywhere on Your Body, Face & Neck

✓ Reduce The Appearance of Cellulite, Wrinkles, and Acne

✓ Lose up to 2-3 Inches Anywhere on Your Body!

Experience The Amazing Results


“My husband and I were amazed with the results! I had spent thousands of dollars on other treatments that never produced these kind’s of results. And it was totally painless. My husband was so impressed that he tried a treatment and immediately lost one inch in his waist!”  - Candice


“I work-out at the gym five days a week and have always had a couple areas of fat that I could never get rid of, no matter how much I exercised and dieted. On the very first treatment I lost a half an inch just on my stomach. I have had my thighs and hips done also and I am absolutely  thrilled with this procedure. I have told all my friends about it.”  - Samantha

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will The Results Last?

Results are permanent as long as you continue to eat a healthy diet.

Does It Hurt?

Our procedures are painless and non-invasive. You can resume normal activity as soon as the session is over!

How Many Inches Will I Lose?

Clients report losing up to 1 inch in their very first session.

How Often Can I Get A Treatment?

Patients may have 1 session every 3-4 days.

What's Included For $29?

Our New Patient Special includes an initial consultation plus all three treatments!

Try Your First Fat Blaster Treatment For Only $29 

Just Imagine Achieving The Same Results as Going Through a Grueling 90 Day Diet & Exercise Boot Camp In a Relaxing Session At Your Convenience!